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Pre-supported, and ready to print~

hyper-realistic model

Full Figurine STL files

  • Mysterium
  • Ghost in the Shell : Major Motoko
    The Major is the lead character in the landmark cyberpunk  manga Ghost in the Shell. The series, by Masamune Shirow, started in 1989 and the anime and movie adaptations started in 1995. The story is about an elite security unit working for the Japanese government in a complex future where techno...
  • Joi - Blade Runner 2049
    Realistic 3D printable STL file of Joi, from Blade Runner 2049. Cut and keyed files, ready for printing including pre-supported files. Consists of micro details which goes until skin pores. Also includes hollow pipings inside the base for you to light up the Wallace buldiging from inside.
  • Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad
    Harley Quinn starring Margot Robbie,  This model includes 3 versions, including 2 sexy versions (adult) which you can print only if you prefer! 1/6th scale (12 inches character height) PRESUPPORTED Files included! (Including non-supported) Realistic STL Files, cut and keyed. Ready to pri...
  • Venturi : Artistic Ballerina Sculpture
    An Original sculpt from VXLabs, is about the structure and the precision of a ballerina that represents the elegance and the extents of human form~This STL comes cut and keyed for easy printing and assembling, and also pre-supported for quick drag and drop printing. There are 2 versions, Original...
  • Wonder Woman Battle Mode (Movie/Adult Versions)
    VXArt brings you, Wonder Woman Battle Mode as a Fantastic STL! This STL comes as 3 versions, Movie and 2 adult versions. Highly detailed, Pre-supported and ready to print! Starring Gal Gadot, this STL does justice to all the Justice League and Wonder Woman Fans out there. Amazonian Valor. Version...
  • Iron Widow
    Sculpted with love for the character and the concept, Iron Widow is from a parrellel universe where Natasha takes on the Role after Tony. This STL is realistic, hyper detailed, cut and keyed, ready to print. Given as Pre-supported files, and non supported. With extra sets of legs, with Garter Be...
  • Black Widow 2021
    Black Widow 2021 by VXLabs! Superdetailed and realistic, better than all of the official statues out there. PRE-supported files included! Print instantly This model is highly detailed, and is cut into easily printable parts. All parts are tested successfully. Adult version and 2 heads included fo...
  • Quorra from TRON : Legacy
    From the Sci Fi Classic Tron Legacy, Quorra is now available to you as an STL! This file includes pre-supported files for easy printing, starring the beautiful Olivia Wilde as Quorra. With high density, realistic details, she stands 12 inches tall, at 1/6th scale. The Base includes pipes that all...
  • Tauriel from The Hobbit
    Tauriel From Hobbit, Starring Evangeline Lily Hyper-realistic 3D printable STL file brought to you by VXLabs Cut and keyed, ready to print Pre-Supported STL files included! 2 Versions, Original and Adult version: Pick your poison!
  • The Hunt for Medusa
    The Hunt for Medusa STL Pre-supported, and ready to print STL files Only from VX-labs Art
  • Wonder Woman : Gala
    Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot in the iconic blue dress from Wonder Woman movie! High detailed realistic STL files, Pre-supported, only from VXLABS
  • Rey Skywalker
    Rey Skywalker AKA Rey Palpatine is a highly detailed, realistic work done by us for 3D printing. PRESUPPORTED Files included 2 Versions included, Normal and Sexy Pick the version you want below-Rey - Original Rey Skywalker STL Jedi Master - Adult Clothes version (Rey Version included) Empress - A...
  • Water Lilly
    ~Water Lilly~   - 2 Piece 3D printable STL file. - Original Sculpt    - Pre-Supported STL files included. From childhood’s hour I have not been As others were—I have not seen As others saw—I could not bring My passions from a common spring— From the same source I have not taken My sorrow—I cou...
- 3DPrintingDude
On Rey Skywalker AKA Rey Palpatine at CGTrader

An amazing model of the highest of quality. All versions are brilliant. The pre-supported version have printed with no issues. Anyone with experience in 3D printing model will know that VX-Labs only offer the best models. I had a few questions that were answered quickly with helpful information. 10/10 on model quality and after sale services too.

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